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Are you a FSBO? That's what we call you - FSBO (fizzbo). Do you know what your doing but could use a little help? Do you need a lot of help selling your home but aren't in the market for a Listing Agent, just info and direction?

I'm looking for you. 

Find out about my al la carte menu of assistance.

Can't decide to buy or rent?


There are many things to look at when deciding. Let me help you figure out what's best for you right now. What's the market like where you want to live? What's your credit like? What kind of payments can you live with? So many questions - probably a lot you don't know to ask.

Ready to buy?


I'm not just going to show up, unlock a door and let you in to see a home. I want to meet you, get to know you, find out what you know and fill in the blanks. There is so much more to home buying than finding a great property online. Financing, qualifying, contracts, contingencies, inspections, deeds, appraisals, insurance...........

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